Welcome to the Agate Momentum Trust

Agate Momentum Trust

Welcome to the Agate Momentum Trust

With the launch of the Agate Momentum Trust, firm foundations pave the way for a bright future.

Agate is a precious stone, known for its brightness of grain and fineness of colour, traits that the Agate Momentum Trust will bring to the local community.

The meaning of this name for the Multi-Academy Trust currently comprising of Hallsville and Scott Wilkie Primary Schools runs deeper still. Agate Street, a lost road in the vicinity of where Hallsville now stands was bombed out of existence during an air raid on 10 September 1940 which left as many as 400 dead and unaccounted. The Street and those lives lost are memorialised in the name of the academy, instilling an intrinsic sense of heritage and community in the MAT’s foundations.

The need for a name that was about more than any individual head teachers, trustees or CEOs but that served the long-standing needs of the local community as well as the school was at the heart of the decision. In the foundations of the Agate Momentum Trust is a past heritage brought to life to inform a bright promising future.